Sweet Life Crew

These are just some of the folks that you might see mentioned on the blog and since I don’t always include pictures, I thought at least this way you could put a face to the name.


Scott and I met WAY back in high school (we went to different schools though) over 7 years ago! We became fast friends and have never left each other since. We were recently married (3/26/11) and so far have been loving the married life.

He’s into cars and photography and takes a lot of pictures for me. So if the picture looks good..he probably took them. Since he doesn’t run, he has also become my unofficial running photographer.  He’s very supportive of my running and pretty much all of the crazy ideas I come up with. I’m a lucky girl and he’s cute to boot.

 These are our babies

Jynx, aka the mountain lion

Scott gave me Jynx my senior year in college. He was a big cat even when he was young. I remember Scott bringing him to me and telling me that he got me a kitten. Then when he took Jynx out of the carrier, I thought it was a mistake because he was giving me a grown cat. Nope..he was a kitten in a full sized cat’s body and only grew from there. He is super loud and meows and paws at me constantly. Sometimes this is annoying but sometimes comes in handy…like when you forget to set your alarm and he still wakes you up on time. He loves to sit in the window and look outside and enjoys pestering his sister, Stella


Scott and I got Stella after we moved into together. She has one weird pupil that is larger than the other which really concerned us when we first got her. We had her tested for all sorts of things but turns out, that’s just the way she is. She is one of the sweetest cats EVER. I mean look at that face. She sleeps on me every night while I’m on the sofa and loves to put on make-up with me in the morning.


She is one of the smallest cats I have ever seen. She is sort of like a perma-kitten but don’t let that fool you. This girl can hold her own. When Jynx tries to mess with her and she gets fed up, she let’s him have it!


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