Real food challenge

I have made the decision to work my way toward eating whole foods and eating no processd foods.

Why have I made this decision?
Well, after a friend (Thank you MEGAN!!!!!) sent me a message on facebook pointing me towards an article about a family that broke their junk food addiction I went off to their webiste and started looking around. They committed themselves to going 100 days without having processed foods. Scott and I have talked about moving towards eating more whole foods for awhile and I think so far we have done quite well. There are just a few areas that we need help with and it seems baby steps are eaiser for us than going cold turkey so when I read the 100 days of real food “mini” pledges section I was immediatly drawn to it and convienced it was achieveable for us.

Real Food Challenge Week 1: Fruits and Vegetables

Real Food Challenge Week 2: Beverages

Real Food Challenge Week 3: Meat

Real Food Challenge Week 4: No Fast Food or Fried Food

Real Food Challenge Week 5: Two New Whole Foods

Real Food Challenge Week 6: No Low-Fat, Lite or Nonfat Food Products
















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