Three Things Thursday…Because I am feeling random

I don’t normally write a “Three Things Thursday” post but I thought it fit in really well this week. I have been going non-stop all week and my brain has been super scattered. Dinners have all been last-minute and breakfast and lunches have been leftovers or bought at the little cafe downstairs. We have almost no food in the apartment and we have just been making things up as we go along. I think I have gone to bed every night before 9pm as well completely exhausted. Next Wednesday can not come soon enough!!!!

1. Sister Wives

I have been obsessed with this show all week. I have watched season 1 and 2 on Netflix and just can’t get enough. It’s sort of like a train wreck. I just can’t look away! I don’t want to get too deep into this because I know it can create a lot of controversy but I’ll just say a quick few things. 1. I could NEVER do this. I am way to competitive and would kill myself trying to be perfect/better than all the other wives. I am also a pretty jealous person when it comes to Scott so I’d probably scratch the other wives eyes out if they touched him while I was around. (I have a feeling there is a lot more jealousy going around than what we see on the show)2. I feel for them because of the looming chance that they could be put in jail over what they are doing and I hope that never happens….I’m thinking of the poor children. Honestly, in my opinion I think they should be allowed to live whatever life style they choose as long as they aren’t hurting anyone and there are consenting adults involved in the marriage. Everyone will face God on judgement day and we will each have to face our own choices at that time.


I went to a holiday market last weekend with my Mother-in-law and my parents.  Patti (Scott’s mom) and I split the purchase of all this great made-in-Texas pasta. Scott and I got around to trying the garlic and black pepper one last night and it was SOOOOOOO good. I am having the leftovers today for lunch and I think we’ll try the tomato, basil, and garlic pasta tonight. I have a feeling we’ll be buying a LOT more from Gourmet Texas Pasta.

3.EGG NOG time

Either you hate it, or you love it… and I LOVE egg nog. It can’t just be any egg nog though, it has to be Borden. This has to be my favorite part of the fall/christmas season. I will go through at least 3 of those half gallons. Yes, I will consume at least 1 gallon and a half of egg nog..maybe even more. YUM.

Anyone else out there is an Egg Nog lover?

Side note; Watch the blog this next week. I have some VERY exciting stuff coming your way that I can’t wait to share!!!


Fall Back

This daylight savings time is really messing with my head. My body still has not caught on to the change and I find myself wide awake at 4am and wanting to crash at 7pm.


(Thanks google)

I have become fairly productive in the mornings but almost useless in the evenings. And because of this, I have decided to change up my workout routine for the winter months. Normally, I prefer to workout in the evenings when I get home. I find that it really helps me deal the stress of the day and helps to me to relax but because it is pitch black by the time I walk thorough the door my motivation is pretty much zero. However, I have been giving morning workouts a try and I find that it’s much easier to just get them done first thing in the morning now while I still feel like being productive.

Work has also been VERY busy as I have started transferring all of my current projects and job duties over to the other admin that will take over. This has made me extra tired when I get home so getting my workouts over and done with in the morning are kind of a blessing and really allow me time to just sit and enjoy my evenings.

Has this time change messed with anyone else? Would you ever consider switching up your workouts with the change of the seasons?

Weekend Recap: Tour De Donut

While other great and fun things happened this weekend the highlight had to be seeing my husband complete his first bike race on Sunday.

We woke up super early on Sunday (5:30am) to get ready, load up his bike and gear and drive out to the Katy Mills Mall where the race was starting.

The race was set up fairly well. Thankfully Scott was racing and not just riding for fun because the packet pick up line was extremely long but there were hundreds of riders so that didn’t really surprise me. Because he was racing we were able to head up to the front of the line and check in without any waiting in line.


After that we headed back to the car and Scott got all geared up for the race.


And after a few quick laps around the parking lot, he was ready to go! Shortly after that, Scott’s parents and brother met up with us and kept me company (Which included a yummy breakfast) while we waited the 2 and half hours for Scott’s return.

It was fairly warm out but the sky was overcast the entire race which I’m sure all of the riders appreciated.

And he’s off!

And 2 hours and 34ish minutes later he returned. He did really well considering this was his longest ride so far. In the Tour De Donut you can also eat donuts at the rest stops and for every donut you eat, you get to take 5 mintues off your time. It was sort of fun to hear people coming in and saying how many donuts they ate. Scott choose not to eat any but one guy came in and said that he had conusmed 26 donuts! I can’t even image the stomach ache he probably experienced later that morning.

Friday Favorites: Running Come Back

Well, as you can tell from the title, I have officially launched my running come back. I could wait no longer. I met up with my old friend Mr. Treadmill on Wednesday night and told my leg who’s boss. It tried to fight me the entire way allowing me to only run for about a minute at a time and made me stretch it out half way through but I survived just over 2 miles. And since my leg was kind to me for the most part, I made sure to give it a really good stretching at the end, iced it, and even took an epsom salt bath.

Last night I worked out with Jackie Warner and once again it was killer. I can’t wait for the arm portion of that 40 minute workout to get easier.

Tonight I have plans with the treadmill again and hopefully a foam roller afterwards. (Target has been out of stock the last few times I have been).

And since it wouldn’t be a real Friday Favorites without some favorite blog posts from the are just a few in case you missed them:

Katie Runs This wrote a great post on what it means to love a runner

The Chase Project and Fit Chick Britt made me feel like I wasn’t the only feeling off these past few weeks and helped me to re-focus myself and my goals.

Name 5 Things did a post titled “Truths” that had me laughing first thing yesterday morning

Well, I guess that’s it for this week. I hope everyone has a very restful, enjoyable, and productive weekend!

Namaste November: Finding Balance

I have felt a little overwhelmed lately which has prevented me from blogging. I haven’t been able to quite find the words I have been looking for. Then this morning I ran across Britt’s post about Namaste November. She really managed to sum up a lot of what I have been feeling lately so I am taking her lead this November and plan to try and find balance this month. Between getting ready to change jobs, dealing with workout woes, attempting to eat cleaner, taking care of the apartment and daily household chores, trying to be a good wife and spend time with my sweet husband, finding time to spend with family and friends, and even just trying to fit in blogging, I have found myself feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Thanks google!

While all of the above things are important to me and I don’t want to give any of them up, I really need to find a way to balance all of them so that I don’t end up stressed out. Life is just too short to spend it stressed and worried and with the holiday’s quickly approaching, I feel like life will only become more hectic. With all of this said, my plan for this month (and possibly December) will be:

  • To get organized at work and transition to my new position
  • Work with Scott to make a cleaning plan for the apartment so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.
  • Start creating a workout plan on a weekly basis based on my progress
  • Really soak up and enjoy my time with my family
  • Give Yoga the real chance it deserves
  • Organize my days so that I can practice better time management
  • Continue to focus on my little blog

So Welcome November: You WILL be a good and productive month!


Root Beer Cupcakes

First off, I am so glad that tomorrow is Thursday. Finally this week is almost over! It has been an extremely stressful week for me but by tomorrow everything should start to calm down at least as far as my nerves are concerned. BUT on to better things…Root Beer Cupcakes!

I felt like baking this past weekend and while I pondered over several coffee cupcake recipes, Scott and I got to talking and he mentioned that it would be cool if there was a root beer cupcake so I searched around and found one. They turned out great and I only had to run to the store 3 times to finally get all of the ingredients I needed.


I used one of my favorite root beers, IBC. We would have used St. Arnold’s but couldn’t find any in the store. The recipe I followed was from How Sweet It Is. The secret to great root beer cupcakes….root beer extract! I didn’t even know it existed until Saturday.

And to burn off all those cupcakes I have been eating, I went and picked up this gem tonight:


Rachael over at Happy Healthy Runner has mentioned this DVD several times and I finally decided that I should give it a try since strength training has become my new best friend while still trying to heal from this darn hip flexor strain. I only did the 15 minute total body workout but it was pretty good. I worked up a little sweat and really appreciated that there wasn’t much jumping around minus the warm-up (I still can’t jump or jog very well). I will say this though..she moves fast! I had a hard time switching the the different moves as quickly as she did so I’ll have to work on that.

And just because I can:


Stella was curious about the camera tonight


and I just LOVE this picture of Jynx. He is currently passed out on the desk next to the computer looking all sweet and adorable.

Weekend Recap

I know it’s Tuesday. I’m a day late. Yesterday was kind of crazy though (I’ll share more in a few weeks). I was busy all day and ended up not getting home until almost 9:30pm which is pretty much my bed time. This past weekend was really nice and low-key though.

Friday night we met some friends at the Flying Saucer. Unfortunately they didn’t arrive until about 9:30pm after I had my one beer and my one root beer and if you’ll notice above, that is pretty much my bed time so Scott had to drag my old lady butt home at 10:30pm and put me to bed.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, so much so that I can’t even really remember what happened that day. I think I took a nap and we went to Target. Oh yes, and I made root beer flavored cupcakes! AMAZING. I will share pictures and where I got the recipe tomorrow (I have another recipe for you today so keep reading!)

Sunday morning I woke up cleaned up a little around the apartment and walked in on this:

IMG_0163  IMG_0166

Cats are funny.

Then I proceeded to the gym. I was able to knock out 1 mile walking on the treadmill (don’t be jealous of my mad walking skills) and a leg workout. My leg workout was pretty good and consisted of 3 sets of the following:

  • Superset of 15 squats with weights and calf raises
  • Superset of 15 lunges (each leg) with weights and 30 second wall sits
  • Superset of 15 Leg extensions and 15 Leg curls on the machine with weight
  • 15 leg presses on the machine with weights
  • 15 dead-lifts with weights

It felt so great to workout again. So much so that at 6:30pm Sunday night I made Scott drop me off at the track thing and I rode my bike for 10 miles! Yep…I’m forcing my leg to suck it up and get better. So far it seems to be doing okay. There is still pain but it’s getting more manageable.

I should also note that I will not be running on that particular track when I can run again. I rode past a snake on Sunday. It was pretty dark and I can’t see well in the dark so I was already past it by the time I realized what it was. It’s a good thing too or I would have PASSED OUT and then it would have eaten me. (Yes I know that is irrational but those things freak me out!)

In between the gym and my bike ride, I took a nap, watched the TEXANS beat the Titans (YAY!!!!) and made the most delicious pumpkin spiced latte EVER.


I followed this pumpkin spiced latte recipe from Love Veggies and Yoga and made fresh whipped cream to go on top. I have followed this up with 2 more since and I plan to continue drinking them every. single. morning. until the end of November..maybe even December. It is seriously that good. Tastes just like Starbucks and is better for you. YUM.


What did you guys do?