Weekend Recap

I know it’s Tuesday. I’m a day late. Yesterday was kind of crazy though (I’ll share more in a few weeks). I was busy all day and ended up not getting home until almost 9:30pm which is pretty much my bed time. This past weekend was really nice and low-key though.

Friday night we met some friends at the Flying Saucer. Unfortunately they didn’t arrive until about 9:30pm after I had my one beer and my one root beer and if you’ll notice above, that is pretty much my bed time so Scott had to drag my old lady butt home at 10:30pm and put me to bed.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, so much so that I can’t even really remember what happened that day. I think I took a nap and we went to Target. Oh yes, and I made root beer flavored cupcakes! AMAZING. I will share pictures and where I got the recipe tomorrow (I have another recipe for you today so keep reading!)

Sunday morning I woke up cleaned up a little around the apartment and walked in on this:

IMG_0163  IMG_0166

Cats are funny.

Then I proceeded to the gym. I was able to knock out 1 mile walking on the treadmill (don’t be jealous of my mad walking skills) and a leg workout. My leg workout was pretty good and consisted of 3 sets of the following:

  • Superset of 15 squats with weights and calf raises
  • Superset of 15 lunges (each leg) with weights and 30 second wall sits
  • Superset of 15 Leg extensions and 15 Leg curls on the machine with weight
  • 15 leg presses on the machine with weights
  • 15 dead-lifts with weights

It felt so great to workout again. So much so that at 6:30pm Sunday night I made Scott drop me off at the track thing and I rode my bike for 10 miles! Yep…I’m forcing my leg to suck it up and get better. So far it seems to be doing okay. There is still pain but it’s getting more manageable.

I should also note that I will not be running on that particular track when I can run again. I rode past a snake on Sunday. It was pretty dark and I can’t see well in the dark so I was already past it by the time I realized what it was. It’s a good thing too or I would have PASSED OUT and then it would have eaten me. (Yes I know that is irrational but those things freak me out!)

In between the gym and my bike ride, I took a nap, watched the TEXANS beat the Titans (YAY!!!!) and made the most delicious pumpkin spiced latte EVER.


I followed this pumpkin spiced latte recipe from Love Veggies and Yoga and made fresh whipped cream to go on top. I have followed this up with 2 more since and I plan to continue drinking them every. single. morning. until the end of November..maybe even December. It is seriously that good. Tastes just like Starbucks and is better for you. YUM.


What did you guys do?


Build a playlist that gets you running!

I’m a take it or leave it girl when it comes to running with music. I have run races with and without music but sometimes a great song can really motivate me to up my run and give me the extra push I need to finish or move my legs a little faster.

When I run on the treadmill I normally prefer to watch T.V. over listening to music and with all of this heat and humidity we have experienced I have been running on the treadmill a lot, but after reading Rachael’s post yesterday on running outside, I decided to hit the pavement. I solidified this decision after reading Introducing yesterday at Run On.

Yesterday’s guest was Becky from Bringin’ Becky Back and she mentioned running to songs that were 175 bpm  to keep the cadence that was suited to her pace. This really got me thinking and so after a little research I came across a few great sites that helped me determine some songs that had the bpm (beats per minute) that would keep me closest to my goal pace.


Self Growth had a ton of great information which helped me to first determine the bpm I should be looking for. So for example if you want to run closer to an 8 minute mile you would look for songs that are about 170bpm.

Another site that I found was Jog.fm. This site is pretty cool because it allows you to type in your desired pace or bpm and they will give you TONS of songs that would be great for you to run to. You can also search your favorite songs to find out what that particular song’s bpm is and see if it is suited to your desired pace. They also have a jog.fm Iphone app for $1.99 that I downloaded. This app uses music that you already have on your phone. However, I don’t have much music on my phone because I don’t run with music that often so I used the site to find some songs that were at the bpm I wanted and downloaded those to my phone.

Some of the songs I grabbed were:

  • Avril Lavigne-Girlfriend (I love jamming out to this song.)
  • Bow Wow-Like you
  • Blink 182-What’s My Age Again (throwback to my high school days)
  • Carrie Underwood-Undo It (because I’m a country girl at heart)
  • Jimmy Eats World-Middle (high school throwback again)
  • System of  Down-Attack
  • Third Eye Blind-Thanks  A Lot
  • The Donnas-Take It Off
  • Taylor Swift- Today Was a Fairytale (You love her or hate her..I love her)
  • Dierks Bently- Come A Little Closer

After running last night with those songs I realized that I actually need to pick songs that are slightly faster. All of these (except Girlfriend) were just a tad to slow. I really enjoyed running to the beat of these songs though.(Might just be the band geek in me coming out) It kept my mind off the heat and the tiredness and kept me pushing forward to always stay with the beat. If you haven’t given this a try, you should. If nothing else you might get some new songs to add to your playlist.

What is your favorite song to run to?

Have you ever tried running with music with bpm that matched your pace?

On a completely different topic…

After I got out of the shower this morning my sweet little Stella thought my towel wrapped body looked like a scratching post and jumped on my back. Picture a cat backpack. Thankfully she didn’t get her claws into my skin and it was all pretty funny. I couldn’t believe she was just hanging on like that.

Sometimes she just craves attention.