I know we still have a few more weeks left in 2011 but I wanted to go ahead and talk about my future plans for 2012.

I don’t normally come up with resolutions because they never seem to pan out so I thought I’d try something different in 2012.

For this next year, I wanted to come up with a word or a catch phrase that would help keep me grounded and motivated this next year. Something that I could mutter to myself when I didn’t want to do something or when the alarm goes off too early for my liking. I wanted something that would push me to be a stronger runner, that would grow my love for biking, exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. A word or phrase that would help me to be a better Christian and a better wife. Something that would help me to stay focused at work when the sky is baby blue and day dreaming starts creeping in on me.

The word I came up with for 2012 is CONSISTENCY.

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I think that if I can strive to find consistency in my life I will achieve all of those goals above and maybe even more.

In my mind I have broken all of those goals down even further to give myself guidelines for keeping consistent. For example, I want to strive to eat 1 piece of fruit at each meal and to have at least one veggie at lunch and two for dinner. If I can do that consistently enough, I should find myself feeling healthier and could possibly drop a few pounds. An exercise example is that starting in January, I want to consistently ride my bike once a week.I am going to start training for the MS150 with Scotty here in January so I will probably ride more than that up until April but I have a minimum for the remainder of the year.


Yes, I also plan to even jump back on the blogging train and try to get back into a more consistent routine and take care of my little corner of the web. Though I haven’t quite decided my plan for the blog yet. I could go back to blogging 5 days a week or I may cut it back to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

Has anyone else already started thinking about the new year? What are your goals?


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