Merry Christmas from the Davis family!


Scott and I are wishing each of your a wonderful joy filled Christmas



I know we still have a few more weeks left in 2011 but I wanted to go ahead and talk about my future plans for 2012.

I don’t normally come up with resolutions because they never seem to pan out so I thought I’d try something different in 2012.

For this next year, I wanted to come up with a word or a catch phrase that would help keep me grounded and motivated this next year. Something that I could mutter to myself when I didn’t want to do something or when the alarm goes off too early for my liking. I wanted something that would push me to be a stronger runner, that would grow my love for biking, exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. A word or phrase that would help me to be a better Christian and a better wife. Something that would help me to stay focused at work when the sky is baby blue and day dreaming starts creeping in on me.

The word I came up with for 2012 is CONSISTENCY.

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I think that if I can strive to find consistency in my life I will achieve all of those goals above and maybe even more.

In my mind I have broken all of those goals down even further to give myself guidelines for keeping consistent. For example, I want to strive to eat 1 piece of fruit at each meal and to have at least one veggie at lunch and two for dinner. If I can do that consistently enough, I should find myself feeling healthier and could possibly drop a few pounds. An exercise example is that starting in January, I want to consistently ride my bike once a week.I am going to start training for the MS150 with Scotty here in January so I will probably ride more than that up until April but I have a minimum for the remainder of the year.


Yes, I also plan to even jump back on the blogging train and try to get back into a more consistent routine and take care of my little corner of the web. Though I haven’t quite decided my plan for the blog yet. I could go back to blogging 5 days a week or I may cut it back to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

Has anyone else already started thinking about the new year? What are your goals?

Random Things

I have finally found a few minutes to blog! Since I don’t have a lot of time to really ponder creating a cohesive post I thought I would just ramble a little about what’s been going on lately.

1. I have realized that my cat Stella has no grace. She is very small but she knows how to leave a path of destruction behind her. She has no regard to what her tail is doing when she walks around and if she wants you to pet her, she will knock down everything around her to get your attention. She has been driving me crazy the past few mornings knocking EVERYTHING possible off of the bathroom counter.

2. I spent a huge amount of time past weekend reading and it was glorious.


Yup, I read them all this past weekend. I loved every single book.

3. I need some new books to read! Any suggestions?

4. I just had to share this photo of my friend Larissa:

We were celebrating her birthday and at some point our husbands found/created a game that was similar to beer pong but required that the person shooting had to wear this helmet/box and sunglasses. Cracks me up.

I hope everyone is having a great week!



Three Things Thursday

This week has been flying by just like the past two weeks and looking at the calendar..we’re only 3 weeks from Christmas!

Three Things Thursday

1. Has everyone finished their Thanksgiving leftovers? Thanksgiving was a week ago and we still have dressing left over. I LOVE my mom’s dressing which is an old recipe that really has no instructions only ingredients. You just have to know how to make it by taste. In the past when I lived at home, I was always the taster with my dad because we were the only ones who would eat raw dressing by the bowl full. Now my mom just makes me my own pan of cooked dressing to take home. Scott doesn’t eat it so it was all up to me to eat the entire pan and I managed to consume all but about 1/4 of it. I have to say though, I think I’m done with dressing… at least until next year.

2. I LOVE my new job. This is big for me. While I adored the faculty I worked for in my last job, I just wasn’t happy there any more. But now I am actually excited to get up every morning at commute the hour and half that it takes me to get here. I am perfectly happy coming in early and staying late and I enjoy every second of my very busy days. I have a great office space with a window that I can stare out of and I no longer have a officemate. I should mention though that I really liked the girl I sat next to at my old job. She was a cat person just like me so we bonded immediately. However, I am distracted easily and have found that now that I am in my own space, I work much faster and more efficiently.

3. It is December 1! I feel like I can start thinking about Christmas now. I needed the week off from holidays. I don’t know people can move from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas with no break. I have enjoyed having the apartment back to it’s normal self with no decorations this past week. My co-workers brought out the Christmas decorations here at work today too so I had some fun with everyone and decorated my window.

The penguin is my favorite! I used electrical tape to make the string for the lights but it didn’t work out so well. Maybe I’ll get around to fixing it before Christmas.