It’s Friday Already?

I’m sorry I went all MIA on everyone again. Scott and I had a great/busy weekend last weekend and this week I finished one job and started a new one all in the same week. To say I have been busy would be in understatement. I would not recommend doing this.

Scott did send me flowers to my new office though. It was such a nice way to end my day yesterday. And as you can tell from the picture I have a window! Best thing ever!

As for this little blog of mine…I think I might need to take a short break. I have some stuff coming up for next week (MY FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER!!) but will probably slow down on the posting for a while. I really want to focus on my new postion and get settled in without feeling guilty for not posting on my blog. I was also telling Scott last night how out of sorts I have been feeling lately. We have just lost sight of our normal routine and I need to get back on track.I really would like to try and post atleast 2-3 times per week but we’ll see. Hopefully, those of you that follow me won’t abandon me.


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