Fall Back

This daylight savings time is really messing with my head. My body still has not caught on to the change and I find myself wide awake at 4am and wanting to crash at 7pm.


(Thanks google)

I have become fairly productive in the mornings but almost useless in the evenings. And because of this, I have decided to change up my workout routine for the winter months. Normally, I prefer to workout in the evenings when I get home. I find that it really helps me deal the stress of the day and helps to me to relax but because it is pitch black by the time I walk thorough the door my motivation is pretty much zero. However, I have been giving morning workouts a try and I find that it’s much easier to just get them done first thing in the morning now while I still feel like being productive.

Work has also been VERY busy as I have started transferring all of my current projects and job duties over to the other admin that will take over. This has made me extra tired when I get home so getting my workouts over and done with in the morning are kind of a blessing and really allow me time to just sit and enjoy my evenings.

Has this time change messed with anyone else? Would you ever consider switching up your workouts with the change of the seasons?


2 thoughts on “Fall Back

  1. I feel like it’s officially winter since “evening” doesn’t exist anymore and it’s dark at 5PM!

    I’m a morning exerciser anyway and have zero motivation to workout after 2pm, but I feel like I should be going to bed shortly after the sun goes down

  2. I am… again… considering trying to workout in the mornings… BUT I’ll be doing a Jillian video in my warm bright home instead of being outside running around in the dark. I’ll still run at night because it’s not as creepy running at night as running in the butt crack of the morning. We’ll see how I feel after San Antonio.

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