Weekend Recap: Tour De Donut

While other great and fun things happened this weekend the highlight had to be seeing my husband complete his first bike race on Sunday.

We woke up super early on Sunday (5:30am) to get ready, load up his bike and gear and drive out to the Katy Mills Mall where the race was starting.

The race was set up fairly well. Thankfully Scott was racing and not just riding for fun because the packet pick up line was extremely long but there were hundreds of riders so that didn’t really surprise me. Because he was racing we were able to head up to the front of the line and check in without any waiting in line.


After that we headed back to the car and Scott got all geared up for the race.


And after a few quick laps around the parking lot, he was ready to go! Shortly after that, Scott’s parents and brother met up with us and kept me company (Which included a yummy breakfast) while we waited the 2 and half hours for Scott’s return.

It was fairly warm out but the sky was overcast the entire race which I’m sure all of the riders appreciated.

And he’s off!

And 2 hours and 34ish minutes later he returned. He did really well considering this was his longest ride so far. In the Tour De Donut you can also eat donuts at the rest stops and for every donut you eat, you get to take 5 mintues off your time. It was sort of fun to hear people coming in and saying how many donuts they ate. Scott choose not to eat any but one guy came in and said that he had conusmed 26 donuts! I can’t even image the stomach ache he probably experienced later that morning.


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