Friday Favorites: Running Come Back

Well, as you can tell from the title, I have officially launched my running come back. I could wait no longer. I met up with my old friend Mr. Treadmill on Wednesday night and told my leg who’s boss. It tried to fight me the entire way allowing me to only run for about a minute at a time and made me stretch it out half way through but I survived just over 2 miles. And since my leg was kind to me for the most part, I made sure to give it a really good stretching at the end, iced it, and even took an epsom salt bath.

Last night I worked out with Jackie Warner and once again it was killer. I can’t wait for the arm portion of that 40 minute workout to get easier.

Tonight I have plans with the treadmill again and hopefully a foam roller afterwards. (Target has been out of stock the last few times I have been).

And since it wouldn’t be a real Friday Favorites without some favorite blog posts from the are just a few in case you missed them:

Katie Runs This wrote a great post on what it means to love a runner

The Chase Project and Fit Chick Britt made me feel like I wasn’t the only feeling off these past few weeks and helped me to re-focus myself and my goals.

Name 5 Things did a post titled “Truths” that had me laughing first thing yesterday morning

Well, I guess that’s it for this week. I hope everyone has a very restful, enjoyable, and productive weekend!


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