Root Beer Cupcakes

First off, I am so glad that tomorrow is Thursday. Finally this week is almost over! It has been an extremely stressful week for me but by tomorrow everything should start to calm down at least as far as my nerves are concerned. BUT on to better things…Root Beer Cupcakes!

I felt like baking this past weekend and while I pondered over several coffee cupcake recipes, Scott and I got to talking and he mentioned that it would be cool if there was a root beer cupcake so I searched around and found one. They turned out great and I only had to run to the store 3 times to finally get all of the ingredients I needed.


I used one of my favorite root beers, IBC. We would have used St. Arnold’s but couldn’t find any in the store. The recipe I followed was from How Sweet It Is. The secret to great root beer cupcakes….root beer extract! I didn’t even know it existed until Saturday.

And to burn off all those cupcakes I have been eating, I went and picked up this gem tonight:


Rachael over at Happy Healthy Runner has mentioned this DVD several times and I finally decided that I should give it a try since strength training has become my new best friend while still trying to heal from this darn hip flexor strain. I only did the 15 minute total body workout but it was pretty good. I worked up a little sweat and really appreciated that there wasn’t much jumping around minus the warm-up (I still can’t jump or jog very well). I will say this though..she moves fast! I had a hard time switching the the different moves as quickly as she did so I’ll have to work on that.

And just because I can:


Stella was curious about the camera tonight


and I just LOVE this picture of Jynx. He is currently passed out on the desk next to the computer looking all sweet and adorable.


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